Bookmarklet for easier Tumblr searching

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I recently went on a Tumblr snipe-hunt to find the original source of an image, and after twenty minutes of looking through deleted or renamed blogs, layouts with bad fonts or colors, and layout with missing archive links I figured there had to be a better way. So I threw together the following bookmarklet to open up a Tumblr user’s Archive and Liked Posts page in one click. Just click the bookmarklet on any Tumblr post or blog’s front page.

var URL=document.URL;
var splitslash=URL.split('/');
var splitdot=splitslash[2].split('.');
var user=splitdot[0];
var likes=''+user;
var archive='http://'+user+'';

Edit: Added a check so that it will only work on subdomains of Tumblr and not just any old webpage.


Added a sanity check to make sure you’re on Tumblr and not just any random website.

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