BOOPS: Duckling: 'Nice to meet you.' Cat: 'No. It. Is. Not.'

All posters quacking about how these two should t be together need to chill. Lots of examples of them peacefully coexisting as pets in the Googles.

My favorite:


Did you also search for “cat attacks and eats duckling” to compare stats?

Though I’m betting the second one doesn’t show up representationally.

But yeah, if the person knew their cat and was there to jump in I don’t really have a problem with seeing they get along.

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Well allow me to retort:

From the musical Honk!/Honk Jr between Ugly and The Cat (wish I could post the actual scene with my kiddo as Ugly, but it isn’t public.)

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If a bird bit my nose, I’d just assume a bat would come along and deal with them sooner or later.

Farmer Schmidt later would wonder why his duck always attacked cats.

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Good thing I saw this this morning. I almost forgot I had to feed the neighbor’s cats while they were on vacation. Also, I just cooked a duck, so . . .

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Cats and baby birbs do not mix.

Source: a teeny tiny chick claw that awaited me on the windowsill one morning. Which is when I realized that i had not properly secured the baby chicks we bought the day before.


Yeah, but if you care about the well-being of all animals involved, you manage the early interactions, you don’t just throw them in a room together.

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Oh, is that what we “need” to do?

I reiterate; people who do stuff life this just so they can record it and put it on youtube are assholes



“The Cat & The Duckings” really is an amazing video. Thank you, I needed that today, Irish accents & all. They do point out that the cat in question was flooded with love hormones at the time. “Any other time I’m sure she would’ve been tying the napkin around her neck.”

The mother cat is torn.

Those ducklings are going to be really tasty, but they are so soft and warm.


he could bite my nose any day.

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