Border collie plays ping pong like a total champ




I’m pretty bad at ping pong, but there is no way that dog is going to beat me.


Oh, yeah? Well, we’ll see how good he is at playing Campaign for North Africa, then!


Meh. I’ve actually played this dog. He only won three out of five.


Border collies are the compulsive overachievers of the dog world.


Not sure who’s cooler, the dog, or the human?


Just don’t play beer pong with that dog. What a mess.


He’s needs a special dog paddle.


He’s got game. I’d hate to be the line judge, he’d be like McEnroe with sharp teeth instead of sharp tongue.


Yeah, how’s his serve?


I thought doggiepaddle came built-in?


Not available in your country.

Well shit.


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