Boring company makes "the world's most boring billboard" and promises to keep it up for 12 years

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I thought this was about The Boring Company. You know, hyperloop tunnels. And that they put it up to show their dedication to building a hyperloop route, no matter how long it takes. Oh, well. Carry on.


I was expecting a GeoProbe ad

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I would be much more impressed if it was horizontal with its end grain exposed. Like a bench slat, or deck plank. Almost anything can do what this is showing.


These are not the droids you are looking for.

They should’ve gone full meta and put it up in Boring, OR (sister city of Dull, Scotland)


The fact that they can even imagine it not getting covered in graffiti that has to be sanded off is amazing. I have to wonder if they have a secured backup for swapins.

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Beat me to it. Although here’s a map of Boring. And yes, it’s a fairly boring place; it makes neighboring Sandy, OR look like a sprawling metropolis.

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Maybe this is my American showing, but it’s just asking for it to get tagged to shit.

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