Boston Dynamics Christmas video: 3 robot reindeer pulling Ms. Santa's sleigh


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I can’t wait for the SpaceX christmas video.


Who do you think is on the naughty list this year?


It appears only one is actually pulling. Obviously Rudolf the Red-Nosed Robot.


Positive Winterval, non-combatant flesh units!


Big Ba-da-boom.


:musical_note: Santa Claus is gunning you down :musical_note:


It’s great until my tax dollars have to pay for Reindeer on social security after being replaced by robots


Considering Boston Dynamics is located in a very typical office park, I imagine their neighbors get a kick out of this kind of thing, but then unaware visitors might turn a corner and see a robot dog running down the sidewalk and freak out.


The inclusion of a human is very distracting.
Why didn’t they go with an evil Mrs. Claus fembot?


Was I the only one quietly hoping the sled would also deploy legs and bounce-jog off?


Indeed there were a LOT of naughty children this year.

Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up


I would happily adopt one of those robots.:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


I’ll remember that clip when I sit in hiding in a secluded no-smart-tech basement once the singularity has hit and skynet has labeled all humans ‘subject for immediate forced reboot’ (from the internal mail relay), or ‘happy happy fun time with cookies’ (from the press release)


Why are their heads so small, and why do they have no neck?

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