Both identical twins must pay child support, court rules

Same. To hell with these guys.


That’s a good point, I sometimes forget that epigenetics can sometimes be heritable. But again that’s just the specific genes being expressed rather than sequence modifications. Think of it like preparing the offspring to experience a similar environment as the parent is experiencing during gestation by turning on those genes to be ready to go at childbirth


Got it. That makes perfect sense. Thanks again, I really appreciate the explanation. :slightly_smiling_face:


That looks like a pic of Marian and Vivian Brown, a famous pair of elderly twins in SF who still dressed alike, even as seniors. RIP.

As for the twins in this story, what an identical set of douchebags; good on the judge for making them both pay child support and putting both their names on the birth cert.



Different standards of proof are a common principle. There are always differing levels of obligation to prove one’s assertion. From a quick search I think that is true for both civil law systems (Brazil, France, Germany) and common law (US, Canada, Australia).

“Beyond a reasonable doubt” is a higher standard of proof. In criminal cases the prosecution must establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In civil cases, the plaintiff proves their case by “a preponderance of the evidence”. 'Nuff evidence so that both creeps can get done for this in a civil court.

IANAL I skimmed some googles :slight_smile:

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I see what you did there.


That one was unintentional.


They say these brothers were joined at the hip.

These guys could make game theory into a practical major.

I remember reading a story years ago about a pair of identical twins who were caught by a speed camera in Germany. However, neither would admit to being the driver, and the police couldn’t tell them apart on the photo, so they got off the charge.
A couple of minutes of googling can’t find any references though, so it might not be true.

Maybe you’re just slightly misremembering this?

So, can they each get visitation rights to half the baby?

I read in one article there is a test that costs tens of thousands of dollars and that has a substantial chance of providing the answer: “Sorry, we can’t tell.”

Yeah, I had this “that seems unjust but in family law they do best interest of child, not justice for parents…” line of thinking and then that was replaced with, “oh, screw these assholes.”


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