Both-side-ism comes for the FBI's abortion task force with exaggerated claims of "pro-choice violence"

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Fine people on both sides. /s


The think that really worries me about this sort of formulation is that the “violent” people on our side are identified as the doctors.

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Maybe the pro-choice extremists can team up with the black identity extremists and create the ultimate terror group.



I am not a woman but I support a woman’s right to choose, and I have seen exactly what has been discussed here over the years.

The constant problem we have is one side acting like animals and then complaining there’s problems with both sides as if ignoring their own evil, using are acquiescence against us, and dragging good people with sane response down to their level.

The violence is not on both sides. It is on one side so far. And many other issues of bullshit like this are created by one group of people, and we are constantly as a society expected to ignore their idiocy and cop to the idea that there are bad people on both sides.

Real rationality looks at who is doing the bullshit.

The bullshit is primarily created by one side of people on this issue and it’s not progressives.


They only become truly dangerous when they form a triad with the pacifist groups…


An acquittance of mine thinks that mass shootings are the result of a number of things (of course not easy and unrestricted gun access), including pro-choice. I pointed out the recent and nearby horrible planned parenthood shooting of 12 people was definitely not done by a pro-choice person. He said that pro-choice people cheapen the idea of life itself and therefore cause violence… argh. But then this person won’t lift a finger to help actual post-birth people… or explain the action of that shooter.


Has the FBI been playing too much Liberal Crime Squad?

Same exact thought process that blames lefties for violence against immigrants because “they want to let them in. If they weren’t here, they wouldn’t get hurt!”


Both Sides Don’t.


Pro-choice violence? Like bombing clinics that refuse to do abortions? Oh, wait. That doesn’t actually happen.


Those drawn to law enforcement and first response roles are far more likely to be on the right side of the political spectrum-yet they tend to see themselves as firmly in the center. Which gives everyone to their right some breathing room, at the expense of everyone to their left.


True, maybe they can link up with the absolutely menacing group Food Not Bombs.


All that the crazy so called pro life movement has to offer is cruel legislation that only affects impoverished pregnant women. Reasonable measures like increased access to birth control, education and post natal childcare don’t fit in to their plan. I wish that the Democratic candidates would bring this up more often when confronted about abortion.


This politicized administration doesn’t want to offend the extreme religious right who are their most reliable voters.

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When I was a clinic escort, we had a fake clinic next door. The people there tried to lure our patients into their honey pot. And the people there were truly frightening. When patients weren’t there, they yelled at us, took down our license plate numbers, took pictures and video of us and behaved like assholes. I acted calm, but every week I put on the orange vest I had to wonder if it would be my last day on the planet.

Both sides most definitely do not shoot up clinics. The anti-choice people are unhinged.


There is only one side. And pro-lifers are not on it.

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