Both Sides!

So is Eric Adams. Democrats are just the (sometimes) least objectionable flavor of conservative. They’re still mostly status-quo-affirming bootlickers.


Why would that be a surprise? Just because people aren’t fascists doesn’t sudden mean that the status quo of white supremacy goes away.

One party is suppressing voting rights for minorities, or trying to eliminate them, and literally just tried a coup to keep the other out of power. If you don’t think that implies any differences in substance than you are both blind and callous.


Bernie wasn’t killed- he lost. He wasn’t able to get enough people to vote for him. That’s how elections work.

No one was hand picking Biden - he was losing to everyone and would have had to drop out before long if he didn’t turn his campaign around in SC. Which he did mostly due to the support of a black guy.

Bernie lost two Presidential Elections- the first to a women & the second due to a black guy.




But… but… who’d vote for a GIRL!!! /s


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Certainly not a bro.

Chicks before dicks!!!


I think it’s interesting that despite the longstanding culture of lynching in Louisiana, this bothsidsing is being used to derail a topic about police violence getting a free pass so that we can all talk about how really the democrats are to blame.

No… racism is to blame.


This “The Democrats are just as bad” nonsense should have permanently stopped the second the Dobbs decision was handed down. Hillary Clinton is a centrist and a capitalist and I disagree with her about a lot of stuff, but abortion would still be legal in every state in this country had she been elected President in 2016. Now, Obergefell is in danger, along with Lawrence and Griswold and hell, maybe even Loving, and people are still trying to make this argument. WTH?


I can’t believe people anyone has kept saying it after the attempted coup to overthrow the democracy. I guess people are somehow imagining Trump is not representative of the Republican party, despite the whole thing following in lock step behind him?

Or maybe “both sides are equally bad” is itself a partisan position, one being taken on faith regardless of all evidence as to what the parties are actually like. It sure seems that way to me.


No, you don’t understand…
One side is overt fascist racist xenophobic homophobic transphobic sexist pieces of shit.

The other side failed to stop the fascists from taking power, until they did stop them. And then they did it wrong.

See? They are just the same! In every way! It can’t be any clearer!

(/s if any missed this)

Someday, I will stop having to post this every day, but until then

While some are moaning and giving up, some refuse. I know which I am.


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So… the president is supposed to interfere with prosecutions? That’s not how this works. At least not for Democrats. Because the Democrats are, in fact, different from the Republicans.

The fact that you can find surface level similarities just means that leopards and kittens are related. Nothing more.


Areas where the Republicans are clearly, measurably, indisputably a thousand times worse than Democrats:

  • Racism and white supremacy
  • Nationalism
  • Reproductive, sexual, and gender issues of all types
  • Authoritarianism

Areas where the Democrats are marginally better in theory, but not enough to make any practical difference:

  • Economic imperatives that serve the ruling class at everyone else’s expense
  • The military-industrial complex
  • Foreign interventionism
  • Pandering to Judeo-Christo-Islami religious ideals
  • Taking effective measures to prevent the planet from becoming uninhabitable.

Areas where yes, the Democrats are exactly as bad as the Republicans:

  • Delegitimizing and actively preventing independents and third parties from threatening their own duopoly as gatekeepers to our public offices.

Areas where the Democrats are worse than the Republicans:

  • Creating Kafkaesque levels of bureaucracy

They are clearly different, and one is clearly far, far worse than the other- But it’s just as ingenuous to pretend that the Democrats’ flaws aren’t catastrophically bad as it is to pretend the two parties are indistinguishable from one another.

The real problem with both-sides-ism is that it’s predicated on there being only two options, which is both demonstrably false, and inherently self defeating. There’s a hundred better options out there- All you have to do is pick one.

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I don’t buy into the idea that bureaucracy is inherently bad. That seems like a quintessentially USian perspective. Here in Japan, children aspire to be bureaucrats some day.


We should all praise that Kafkaesque bureaucracy every chance we get. Not only have they preserved democracy in the US, they actually blunted the impact of T**** and his cronies to a remarkable level. Many lost their jobs and careers in doing so.


You could work to improve one of the parties; while denying power to the one you definitely don’t want to have power over you.

The assumption that an alternative is better is simply an unsupported hope. And all of other options will also be flawed and need to be improved.

Unless you’re naive enough to believe in angels.


It’s a quintessentially aristocratic perspective. Republicans and billionaires don’t hate bureaucracy because it’s convoluted, as their beloved tax loopholes show. They hate it because it provides some constancy rather than being run according to their whims.

How will the emperor maintain control without the bureaucracy?

Fear will keep the local systems in line.