Bozo the Clown's big red shoes have shuffled off this mortal coil


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I have a problem with what happens at 8:10.


I wanted to be on that show so badly.


Sorry, but Bob Bell was MY Bozo.

And @David_Friedman I actually got to play the Grand Prize Game when I was 5 or 6 on Bob Bell’s Bozo Show (WGN Chicago). There was little in the world that I wanted to do more than play that stupid game, but when I actually got picked to do it, I was scared out of my mind. Also, that TV studio was filled with hot lights and big fans to keep them cool, so I have no idea how anybody ever threw a feather-weight ping pong ball straight enough to actually hit Bucket 6. I only made it to Bucket 3.


According to The Boston Globe, Avruch is survived by his with, two sons and a whack of grandchildren

Not really parsing this.


After his Bozo days Frank Avruch became the host of Channel 5’s “Good Day” (which ABC used as a model for "Good Morning America), and still later a distinguished local film critic. Mr. Avruch was the literal definition of a “local TV personality” of the era - he had a wonderful speaking voice and exactly the kind of gravitas that’s so lacking with modern TV hosts.


I envy you in an immensely ungenerous and personal way.

Bob Bell or GTFO.


Grew up on the 60’s, in the Boston market. Bozo was part of breakfast and getting ready for school.

RIP best Bozo


Wow. Yes. Quite creepy given today’s knowledge.


Seamus, Seamus, Seamus.

One does not “shuffle off this mortal coil”, as in, leaves the planet. Shuffling off the mortal coil refers to getting rid of the coiled ropes of mortality that confine us. Basic Shakespeare, mon ami.


Did you tell Bozo to “cram it!” when you only got the consolation prize?


This taught us one thing about TV. A live audience in the background is distracting and booooring!


A whack of grandchildren is like a murder of crows or a pride of lions. /s


Sorry, there can be only one.

And don’t get me started on that impostor over in Baltimore!


That would have made him 2 years old when the character first appeared. A prodigy!


My dad was the local Detroit Bozo around 1967-69, on CKLW. He passed away last year. All the Bozos are passing.


Well, he succeeded none other than Willard Scott. Shoulders of giants and all that.


I spent my jr. high and high school years in the DC area in the '70s.



Sorry for your loss, and welcome to the Boing Boing BBS.


…and there was this subplot where Captain Twenty got replaced by an alien Captain Twenty, who looked just like the same guy in a costume upgrade?

I did not know he was also Count Gore de Vol. I wasn’t allowed to watch Gore de Vol.