Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Double Dee & Steinski


Roll on the 2nd November

curious about the Jellybean Benitez cameo. I didn’t know he was connected to either TommyBoy or Bam, but he was obviously somehow connected to the scene because despite the wack music he made, he got a record deal with EMI, he got the United Artists crew to do his album cover and he got Madonna. So… he sold blow?

perhaps the highest ratio of dope cover art to wack music of all time. note the DUSTER SEEN piece up the right edge.

One of the urban legends around The Payoff was that it was all done with two cassette machines and the pause button.

weird, there are places where the beats are inserted pause-tape style, but a lot of the remix is layered over the beat; an obvious indication of multitracking. There’s a whole segment of the movie Scratch where Steinski goes into some depth about making The Payoff and then an all-star group of crate digging DJs re-creates the whole thing live from just the original vinyl, using multiple decks to re-create the multitracking.

Until I looked it up on my itunes, I’d forgotten that this was the beginning of the “lessons.” this remix is known (perhaps later?) as “Lesson 1 The Payoff Mix” and there’s a “Lesson 2: the James Brown Mix” also by DoubleD and Steinski which is still pretty dope IMO. I don’t know if that indicates that they were released as A and B of a single, or just separately. I can’t remember how lesson 3 fits in, and then IIRC DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist both unknowingly released their own Lesson 4s right around the same time, all of which were heavily bootlegged. Shadow’s Lesson 4 was actually briefly released by a major label subsidiary (i.e. legally) probably due to the obscurity of his breaks, but like most folks my copies of 2 and shadow’s 4 are total bootlegs. I can’t figure out what crate they’re in or there’d be pics, as is my wont.

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