Brazil's fascist Bolsonaro Facebooks himself watching Trump's Iran speech

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Who is Bolsonaro virtue signaling to? Brazilian fascists? Trump? Putin?

I don’t know how you could even pretend to take notes on that “speech,” there was nothing noteworthy in it. Even calling it a speech is inaccurate; it was a slag heap of assertions about the evil Soleimani, some boasting about our big powerful missiles, a drive-by slander of Obama, and some unlikely, self-congratulatory claims about America’s 100% energy independent status, all delivered in a monotone that Trump thinks will make him seem serious. But there was no clarification of the US policy in the Middle East, and no outline of future steps with Iran. A tale told by an idiot, once again.


Come on Jair, the screen won’t lick itself!

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Intentionally putting yourself downstream of the steak salesman. Imagine that.

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Or the speech contained lots of second tier thinking that Bolsonaro picked up, of course that would sound like gibberish to us mere mortals.

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That’s probably it. It’s not them, it’s me.

Now who will lifestream themselves taking notes while watching Bolsonaro watch Trump? Like the infinite cat project…

Are you sure he’s not counting the sniffles?


Is he taking notes on how to be a better dictator? Or maybe notes on suggestions for Trump at the next dictators wannabe meeting?

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