Breakfast cereal TIE-fighter


I wonder how much this modern art sculpture will sell for.

Well, when this piece of awesome is ready for a mod…

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It’s not soaking up any milk – is it protected by The Force?
Oh that’s the Crunch enhancer – it’s a non-nutritive cereal varnish. It’s semi-permiable. It’s not osmotic. What it does is it coats and seals the flake, prevents the milk from penetrating it."

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It is very rude too play with food. Still, you wonder how long the brain storm brewed on that little creation.

“That’s to big to be a cereal bowl…”
“I have a bad feeling about this…”


They’re coming in too fast!


“She may not look like much but she’s maple where it counts.”


This kinda reminds me of something an embalmer would use. Guess I’ll just stay with porridge.


Just thought we needed that.

I’ve got a healthy, well-balanced feeling about this.


Ya gotta use cereal from the box; not from those Corellian bulk bins at Costco

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