Breaking Bad explained with the song "El Paso" by Marty Robbins


Though I’d heard that song a hundred times growing up (my parents were country music fans), it was a live performance at the Tomorrowland Terrace that stuck with me.

I wrote a post on the importance of this song and Badfinger’s Baby Blue in the finale last week. They shed a very interesting light on the episode.

Seeing the scenes re-edited this way, with this gorgeous song playing over them, I’m struck again by the perfection of the camera work on Breaking Bad. This video is very nicely done.

If it’s possible to have even more respect for the writing and directing, then I have it. Amazing.

But it was hilarious to read all of the possible meanings of “Felina” for weeks, parsing out the Fe + Li + Na nonsense. It’s pretty easy to figure out when you actually pay attention and watch the episode.

I identify this song as a lullaby since my father used to sing it to me as I fell asleep, but understanding the lyrics now I have to wonder what lessons he may have been trying to impress upon me.

Or maybe it’s not nonsense at all and the writers were actually clever enough to intentionally choose a title that had multiple meanings (such as the fact that the word is also an anagram for “Finale”).

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