Breaking Bad: preparing for the Felina Finale


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While some of the theories floating around are hilariously unlikely (Jesse saves the day with magnets!) over at Previously.TV, a site known for crafting some of the best crackpot theories around, someone has stumbled onto what may be an actual clue. According to the writer, the finale’s title “Felina” is not an anagram or a reference to a feline-like character, but an homage to a Marty Robbins song called “El Paso.”

According to the site, “the song ‘El Paso’ is about love, revenge, consequences, and redemption,” which, admittedly, sounds like a familiar story arc to anyone who has watched Breaking Bad. It turns out “El Paso” features a character named Felina. In the song, a cowboy spends his nights in a bar called Rosa’s Cantina, watching his love, Felina, dance. The cowboy kills a man who hits on Felina, forcing the cowboy to flee town (perhaps to New Hampshire?) out of fear for his life. While he’s away, the cowboy desires to return to the town and to his love, Felina.

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This may be unlikely, but my theory is that the Roswell gang will move to add Albuquerque to their territory.

SPOILER ALERT: When he returns to El Paso, the cowboy is killed.

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Heisenberg was the name of Walt’s childhood sled.


Brock kills Todd and when the aryans charge in, Brock hides and when they come out, a bunch of neighbors with guns kill the lot.

This is fantastic and hilarious.

If he does come back, maybe it’s not a result of being angry that his old partners dissed him and that he is seeking revenge. Maybe he was upset that they said the nice guy in him is long gone? Meh, probably not.

They used Marty Robbins’ version in the episode, but I thought I’d point out that a whole lot of people are familiar with this song because the Grateful Dead performed it in concert quite often (and did a great version of it).

The Grateful Dead!

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I think Xeni means Amazon Prime rather than Netflix - I do not think the second half of season 5 will be available on Netflix for a few weeks, but it is available on Amazon now.

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