Breaking Bad fans, Jesse Pinkman's house is for sale: $1.6 million

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i can’t recall for sure, but did pinkman ever actually MAKE meth there? i thought by the time he had that place, they were cooking it in various other places. still, it would be incredibly weird to live in that house.


You’re right…they never actually cooked meth in the house (they cooked in the RV in the desert) but it was the location where Walt killed Krazy-8 in the basement and Jesse “dissolved” the other guy in the bathtub (which crashed thru the floor).


Who were the “former business partner and her douchebag husband”? I don’t remember that part.

ahh, now it’s all coming back. his parents evicted him in order to sell it, even though his aunt said it was his in her will, right? so then to get back at them he bought it and fixed it up. right?

that was near the end of the series. 2nd to last show, maybe 3rd.

Elliott and Gretchen - the two partners of Gray Matter that Walt was pissed at for stealing his idea. I believe the house being sold is the one in the very last episode where Walt walks in on them and forces them to give the pile of money to his family.

Does it include the roomba?


Was Gretchen ever a partner in Gray Matter? I thought it was just Eliot and Walter. Gretchen was his ex-girlfriend. Also, even though Walter fumed about how well Eliot and Gretchen were doing, he at one point acknowledged that he sold his share in the company for $5000. (What’s left unexplained is exactly why Walt did so, although it’s likely that it had something to do with Gretchen.)

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The parents fixed it up after they kicked him out; Jesse got it back through Saul Goodman after they put it on the market, and got them to cut the price severely by threatening to reveal that it had been a cook site (not with Walt, but on Jesse’s own). Jesse later fixed up the place himself after he trashed it with nonstop partying following Jane’s death.


I don’t think it was ever made clear but Walt did reference them both telling Jesse about the company he and his two friends started. I always assumed Walt quit Gray Matter partly because of his jealously over Gretchen and Elliott getting together; and they were both interviewed by Charlie Rose in the 2nd to last episode where they pledged the money to fight meth addiction. However the ‘Gray’ in Gray Matter came from White (Walter) + Black (Elliott Schwartz) so I guess you could make the case either way.

I would totally have a blueberry pie eating contest there and wager a fat stack of quatloos on the outcome.

They were cooking in the basement when the estate agent was having the open house.


^^^^ Yep.

that place is pretty sweet. love the wide plank floors in that split level living area.

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I believe from season 2 onwards, all the interiors of the house (1 room) are a set on a sound stage.

I personally think it’s a rather unattractive living room, rather oddly proportioned and sterile.

I would have thought $1.6 million would get you more than 3,500 square feet in Albuquerque. Is there a premium for being somewhat-recognizable as a drug dealer’s house from a TV show?


I’d be afraid I would have the compulsion to cut the crust off of every sandwich.

For that price, I hope they fixed the tub.


Which would be an interesting thing for the realtors to do today: stage an open house and complain about the funny smell from the basement – which should be closed, of course.