Predicting what happened after 'Breaking Bad' ended


I had to look up who Lewis was: He’s Jr’s/Flynn’s friend. He’s also the guy Walt was going to send the money to before Jr. told him off over the phone.

Walter is resuscitated on site.
Jesse drives right onto the Need for Speed lot.

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  • Walt Jr. was sick of telling everyone that his Dad was dead to him, he hated him to the core but upon hearing of his death, Walt Jr. collapsed and sunk into a deep depression. Walt Jr. and Skylar were wrecks for a long time afterward, at some point, while Skylar is going through old pictures, Walt Jr. walks in and they both have a good cry, eventually agreeing to each other to try to remember only the good times and that no matter what happened that they were still a family.

  • Marie leaves a nasty voicemail when she hears Skylar attended Walts funeral, the two promise to try to work things out together, at Hanks funeral.

  • Jesse finally ditches the car and walks for hours in the dark till he gets to Badgers apartment, over the week or so it takes Jesse to get his strength back he realizes he no longer has anything in common with his friends or their world, Jesse sees cop cars patrol the area and he knows he has to leave, he steals his buddies cash one night and leaves a note “This is just a loan”, in the morning Badger and Skinny Pete argue over Jesse’s theft but Badger, in a moment of charity and clarity says “He had to do it, he cant stay here, hopefully shit works out for him, whatever he does”.

  • Jesse, having kept the beard, hitch hikes to Los Angeles and finds a job as a dish washer, all the while he keeps having the same dream, living in a small, quiet town and doing woodwork, he also has bad nightmares that cause him to wake up swinging. He is especially quiet and keeps to himself, no more loud parties and Jesse doesn’t get involved in peoples problems anymore, one day he meets this black haired girl, she reminds him Jane but Jesse tells himself to avoid her, they get closer until one day she tells him she thinks she loves him, he tells her he wants nothing to do with her, then she disappears from his life, Jesse realizes he made a big mistake and one day runs into a mutual friend who says he saw her working at this bar and she had some bruises, Jesse goes to check it out and quietly follows her, he then witnesses her new boyfriend slap her, Jesse rushes the building, kicks in the door and in a flash grabs a knife and puts it to the throat of the guy that slapped Jesses girl, he grabs her and they rush out, shes crying and Jesse tells her he made a big mistake, that he loves her too and that they both should get the fuck out of L.A., she laughs and says yes. The next day they get some fake ID’s made, they joke around as they make up new names for each other, they board a cruise ship to Alaska where they both realize that each other is the person they have been waiting for, they settle in some small town and while looking for places to rent, a nice old man shows them around a small cabin for rent, the old man apologizes that he doesnt have much more room, Jesse asks whats in the shed at the back, the old man says “oh its just an old run down wood working studio I used to have, its full of spider webs and warped wood”, Jesse beams and replies “we will take it”, Jesse gets odd jobs, works on a fishing boat for a bit but finally gets good at wood working, Jesse and his new wife live a quiet life in Alaska, completely happy with their community and excited at the child they expect on the way, one day Jesse reads an article about Albuquerque and looks like his old friend Badger, he calls several numbers until he finds his old friend but hangs up the phone without saying a word, getting the address he mails Badger and Skinny Pete their money back with a photo of a wood shop and the sentence “to old friends” carved out of wood, signed “im happy, peace”, no name and no return address given.

  • Walt Jr. recieves the money as a trust and in Walt Jr. fashion he thinks it is because of the school presentations he has been making about the impact of drugs on families, Skylar however realizes this money has to be from Walt, she calls up Gretchen and demands to know why they gave the money, Gretchen reiterates the official line about helping families harmed by the meth trade and Skylar pointedly says “Walt gave you this didnt he?”, Gretchen pauses and says “I have to go, dont call us again, goodbye”, this acknowledges to Skylar that the money was from Walt and then we cut to the first time Skylar has been to Walts grave since the funeral and she places flowers on Walts grave, saying “goodbye Walt” as she leaves. Theres a whole other subplot here about how this money came just in time because the family was struggling and how Skylar met this great guy at this writing club she has been attending but she hasent been able to open herself up to him since Walts death, this moment gives her the permission she needed to stop hating Walt and to stop hating herself and just move on with her life.

  • Saul originally gets a job as a janitor in a high school but nearly gets caught when he tries to setup a scheme to make money off the students, he flees again and ends up getting a job as a janitor in a law firm, where he is bossed around all day about how to clean the office and he spends his time grumbling about advice he hates from overheard conversations from other lawyers in the office. He never goes to car washes, he is constantly trying to come up with new schemes that always fail, he does work on the side doing taxes for the elderly.

  • Huell has moved in with his Mom and works as a bouncer at a local sleazy club and loves to tell stories about how he Heisenbergs right hand man, he loves to watch chick flicks with his Mom and drives her to church and bingo every week, whenever Huell says he needs to lose some weight to find a nice girl his Mother says “Baby, any women who dont like you the way God made you is not worth your time”.

  • Kuby is constantly mistaken for Bill Burr everywhere he goes and ends up getting a job he hates as bouncer at a popular comedy club.

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• The police pick up Jesse on the way out of the crime scene, and he positively identifies Jack as Heisenberg.

• More likely, the police will find Walt’s confession DVD at the club house. Hank is dishonourably dismissed from the force and sentenced to life in prison without parole post-mortem.

• Marie, distraught, goes back to her thieving ways, and accidentally steals the money Walt left for Flynn. She uses it to start a new life for herself, absolutely unaware that it was the very money that got her husband killed.

• A postcard arrives at the former White residence from Belize. Turns out Mike was fine after all.

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