Breathtaking time-lapse video of marine life



wow just wow!!!


… But I can’t be the only one to have the mind pictures of a Shoggoth


One episode of the 2001 PBS Series The Shape of Life, titled “The Ultimate Animal” examined echinoderms. I was intrigued to learn that scientists had thought of starfish and other echinoderms as mindless eating machines crawling along without any awareness of their surroundings. Time-lapse photography revealed that they interacted with each other, even competing over territory–all of it happening, from our perspective, very slowly.

This was really lovely and reminded me of that.

Also I love it when the camera doesn’t remain stationary in time-lapse photography.

That was stunning and amazing.

It is a great video, but why did they put Michael Bay in charge of the music?

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Stunning, but did anyone else feel uncomfortable watching certain bits? Like seeing those flowery things sprout from the surface. Think i’ve seen too many horror films…

I thought Shoggoths were like giant spit balls with loads of eyes. I didn’t picture them as solid as per the depiction in your link.

Ya, I could see that too. As with their form… I think the description itself was somewhat shifting and unsettled (as well as unsettling!)
My impressions from Lovecraft’s original works lends me more to the image of something malleable of un-fixed form ready and willing to shift modes, but not soft… more able to form solid organs (such as eyes) or appendages as needed. Much like a macro, more complex version of a slime-mould.

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