Watch: Slow moving sea creatures time-lapse is a trip to another planet


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I could watch this sort of thing all day long. Several years ago I was lucky enough to catch the PBS series The Shape of Life. Scientists thought of starfish as brainless eating machines, but time lapse photography revealed they have complex interactions with each other and even with other animals…just verrrry slowly by human standards.

Having said that…needs more starfish.

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“…is like encountering alien life forms.”
They are; exactly that. :blush:

I feel like if HP Lovecraft were to time-travel and see this video, he would basically poo hisself to death.

Nah, he’d love it. He was a great fan of science — wrote science articles when he wasn’t writing far-out fiction — and the weird creatures in his stories were based on the weird creatures being discovered by the scientists of his day.

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