Breitbart plotted to ruin Twitter, emails show


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Mission accomplished, I guess?


Hard to understand why Breitbart would want to ruin its own troll farm.

Steve Bannon destroying Twitter is like robbing the bank after you’ve made a deposit.


Breaking News: Bannon and Yiannopoulos are revealed to be vengeful, vindictive pieces of shit who will stop at nothing to try to destroy anyone they feel has slighted them. Millions declare their total lack of shock at this stunning new revelation.


He didn’t want them destroyed. He wanted them to obey.


Twitter is already ruined. Joke’s on them.


“Twitter was unaware of any campaign of this nature,” a company spokesperson said in a statement."

You really showed them!


When your only methods are shock and awe, after awhile you’re no longer shocking- you’re just fucking awful.


We speak here often of the War on General Computing - it’s also worthy to note the War on the Interwebs, a concerted effort to thwart the ability of people to openly communicate with each other without filters. Heaven forbid a zeitgeist should form that doesn’t include established power still at the levers of control.


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