Breitbart was a unique driver of hyper-partisan, trumpist news that shifted the 2016 election

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but it seems it remains a US-centric network, the expansion to France and Germany was announced rather loud and proud, but so far nothing happened. they planned to play a part in the French presidential election, but this is rather unlikely without a local presence less than 2 months before the date.

for teh lulz: shows a cactus, redirects to an anti-right satire page ( is a web hoster with no interest in handing over the web presence)


Quelle surprise.



Since the analysis seems to be based largely on twitter shares, I wonder how heavily this was influenced by Twitterbots. As I look through my feed and see the responses to many of the tweets, I’m astounded by the sheer number of users whose entire twitter persona revolves around pro-Trump, pro-right wing tweets.

These are accounts tweeting dozens, if not hundreds of times per day and, within minutes of a story popping up, they’re quick with a response that is in line with all of the other accounts that consist of almost exclusively pro-Trump tweets. You might argue that they’re all drinking from the same hose (and repeating), but the whole thing seems pretty fishy to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I grew up in the Deep South and live in Atlanta. I know plenty of Trump supporters. But very few of them use Twitter, and the ones that do only use it sporadically. The usage volume from the accounts that I suspect are bots exceed the rates of the heavy users I know in the tech world. Plus, there are no non-right wing tweets. No pictures of kids. No tweets about school, or food, or TV shows. None of the stuff you see from actual people.

I think that Breitbart probably began using twitterbots, paid an agency to set up fake accounts, or did some combination of the two within the last couple of years. I suspect they probably did it to increase their reach and grow their traffic. I think they’ve used the same approach with the Trump campaign and presidency. It would be interesting to see a review of Breitbart Twitter shares over the past few years to see if there was an obvious jump in traffic.


When I closed my Facebook account (er, 6 years ago I think?) and never signed up for Twitter, my reason revolved around my privacy. Since then, the reasons have just stacked and stacked and show no signs of slowing down.


What about calling it mechanically reclaimed news?

You know, after the mystery meat.


I just find it incredibly ironic how quickly the Right co-opted the term “fake news,” initially coined, if memory serves, to describe patently false “news” stories written by professionals and distributed on Facebook. Wow these people work fast! :worried:

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