Breitbart is too dumb to survive the net neutrality apocalypse


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Well we will do that but for better reasons.


Good news, everyone!   Google, Twitter and Facebook are committing to filtering out “Russian interference” with wholesome American political conversations.


Clearly, it all depends on which politicians support policies that ISPs want. They might line up with Trump or whomever else Breitbart supports, or the might line up with someone else. So, really the bet is that their interests line up with the ISP’s interests.

Since, without NN, there’s no reason to ever see a political add or ever be able to get to a political (or any) web site that doesn’t support an ISP’s desires. Those sites will simply no longer exist.

It’s much easier to keep the policies you want after all, when it’s impossible for people to see dissenting opinion.


It’s not the government who decides who gets heard and who doesn’t. That would be unconstitutional. It’s giant monopolistic corporations like Comcast who will decide that Boingboing will be cut off from the internet for a week every time they run an article on how shitty Comcast’s customer service is. Which isn’t covered by the constitution.

And Comcast doesn’t have to worry about getting elected.


A 2020 Democratic President?
Sorry, I don’t see that.




I would say, it doesn’t matter if it’s never turned against you. “Principled” means defending freedom because freedom is good, even if they never come for the Socialists and trade unionists.


Better yet, a Dem President and Congress placing net neutrality rules back into place (if net neutrality is indeed removed).


I very much agree, but I suspect we are in a minority these days.


That poster is actually rather correct.


Really? “Our women would be helpless beneath the boots of the Asiatic Russians”? You’re willing to call that blatant appeal to racism correct?

How do you feel about this, then?


“Principled” doesn’t mean that you don’t loathe your ideological opponents and wish that their message could be buried: it means that you’re smart enough to know that any such attack on freedom, fairness and openness will someday be turned on you.

A great quote. Bookmarked for future reference.


I didn’t see the fine print. What is an “Asiatic Russian”? Isn’t all of Russia in Asia technically?


See the boxed text in the lower right corner.


No, I saw it after his mention/reaction.


And Russia is already threatening retaliation if Google downgrades their fake news sites.


No. The European/Asian continental border is at the Ural Mountains, well East of the Western Russian borders


That depends on who is drawing the borders, surely? The line between Asia and Europe is somewhat arbitrary, and will vary according to who one wants on one’s own side.


Democrats won’t use those systems to repression to e.g. turn Breitbart off, and they know that. That’s why they are in favour of them. At worst a democratic government would roll back net neutrality changes.

The GOP is playing to win, the dems are playing to have a country still standing at the end of the game.