Brewers Association to "crack down" on sexist beer ads and labels

I thought about this some.

I think when one look at brewery’s selection, they might have one or two of these labels amid a dozen others. I think people putting these things together don’t see themselves really contributing to a problem as they have just ONE label out of their line up with a tongue in cheek name and maybe a pinup.

But when you gather that one label from a couple dozen different brewers, it does make things look bad. Or at least gives one pause.

I guess one can argue what is or isn’t offensive and/or sexist, but from the marketing orgs stand point, it makes sense to curb advertising to try to present the industry in the best light possible.



Here is your original quote:[quote=“Hooligan, post:74, topic:99302”]
At the same time, and with no less conviction, I resent this as an attack on the sense of playfulness and individuality that seems to be unique to microbreweries in this age of bland corporate homogeneity. Are we destined to live in a world where every thought and action must be filtered lest it offends someone?

I said, and will say again, that for a lot of people, the positives of the policy, and the prospect of no longer being confronted by this crap far outweigh concerns of homogeny. Anyone who has seen the huge variety that exists currently and already meets these standards can see that that is not going to happen.

That’s funny, because I never said that. I only said that there is loads of individuality and creativity to be had without sexism or sexually charged packaging.

Right, the threat of “don’t ask for too much” or else ladies!

Wish I was more surprised by this.

Take care.



I love Mucha too, but it’s still just another pretty face in a sea of a billion others. I think that is far less creative than countless other existing or possible labels.

It’s already better in the last 10 years, and I believe it will continue if we can keep talking about it.





This looks like a screen grab from the warm-up phase of a porn video:

Why would you defend it? It’s clearly objectifying and sexualizing an image of a woman to sell beer to het-norm men.
In stark contrast, here’s a selection of bottles from my favorite local brewer:

I can’t say they go out of their way to avoid sexism in their marketing, but they never seem to have gone to that dark place to begin with. Most of these seasonals have been around since shortly after they opened in 2011.


Hey, I enjoy a Peche Lindemann’s for desert every now and again :wink:.

Cheers to that!


Sounds delightful!


I have used beers to cook before :slight_smile: You can use chocolate stouts in pancake or waffle mixes (i suppose in other baking applications too). I have made black bean soup with a really smoky porter as well and it was very delicious.


Oh noes! Be nice lest we lose yet another “ally”!!

Of course, what I always say, if we lose an “ally” because reasons, then they were never an ally in the first place.

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“You know what our beer needs? More tits!”

-guy who is bad at making beer


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Oh boy, yeah i probably wouldnt’ve thought much about it either myself but i can’t imagine the extra hops in that meshes with the soup. I guess a wheat beer or a blond ale would do?

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                             _The Brewers Association _

Why does that come across as Home owners association.

Oh yea… about the same, Sucking the fun outta everything.

I would go with a porter or stout. I think the malt would pair well.

Funny how I never stated it isn’t sexist. I just said I am not offended by it.

Breweries that sell delicious beer? Here’s a few I’m familiar with:
Redwood Curtain
Six Rivers
Sierra Nevada
Anderson Valley
North Coast
Pacific Coast
Eel River
Mad River


Here’s your words that I responded to: