Brewers Association to "crack down" on sexist beer ads and labels

Stone Brewery is top of my list, and they’re constantly doing limited release beers that are really interesting.

Ommegang, Unibroue beer, Samuel Smith, Maredsous Abbey, Brouwerij Van Steenberge (they brew Gulden Draak beer, which is fabulous), North Coast (particularly love their Brother Thelonious brew). Hmmmm… there’s a few others i like to try occasionally but these are generally top of my list for beers/breweries that i will happily go back to when i feel like i want to treat myself to something special.


Yeah that’s why i mentioned a blond ale, but i would imagine a good wheat beer is something you could get away with. Suggestion on a malty beer could work too as someone said above, but as i’ve never tried making cheese soup i don’t know how much one could get away with adding. Ideally i’d like as much booze as possible lol.

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Indeed, @Magdalene! You are kicking ass in this thread (with @Sagoli!). We hope you stick around and make yourself heard even more!


It burns off anyway.

Well, I for one always go for the tin of baked beans with the suggestively-posed, scantily-clad lady on the label. That’s how you know they’re quality. :unamused:


Safeway won’t let me nibble on the beers.

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I find this to be true for cooking in general. Old Style or PBR for beer brats, cheap sake of any sort for Japanese cooking.

The exception is red wine, I think. That bitter irony taste of bad red wine doesn’t go well in food–the rule I’ve heard is always cook with the wine you plan to drink with the meal.


The oldest known written-down recipe in the world is for beer. It’s an ode to a goddess, thanking her for the miracle that turns grain into beer.

Brewers in medieval Europe were commonly women.

So there’s a long and honoured history associating beer and beer-making with women.

To upend that history with a beer – a craft beer, no less – whose label image screams “TITS!” and whose name winkingly associates the beer with wanking/panty-dropping just tells me there are not enough people at that brewery who know what the hell they’re doing when they make and sell beer. Even if by some stroke of luck they’ve managed to create a good beer. They aren’t honouring the brewers who came before them, so they can have no honour themselves.

And that means I don’t want to give them money, and that furthermore I think they’re idiots, because they’re diminishing their own market share.

That’s not to say no double entendres and no pictures of busty women should be allowed. It just means brewers should educate themselves and stop alienating their own market. Women love craft beer, having been alienated by the big breweries ages ago.

Craft breweries would do well to not screw it up.


I’m not following this part. “A little sumpin’ sumpin’” is what (some) men say when they have a woman who is willing to have sex with them despite not being their partner in public (wife or girlfriend). I don’t have any sense of women using this term for the equivalent situation…“boy toy” comes to mind, but that also indicates an age difference as well as a lack of emotional connection, and is much rarer than the male situation above.


Interesting point. I always assumed it was because it’s a pretty strong beer so it’s got “a little sumpin’ sumpin’” in it.

Looking at the breweries own marketing I guess I’m wrong.

Actually, the more I read this the more confused I am.


No, I was asking about this:

But thanks for the list!

My exposure to it in common usage is just to coyly refer to sex or something naughty. I know any number of women who say it. Which etymology is closer to the origin? [Citation Needed]

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[So off topic, but here goes…] Bite your tongue! Red wine makes best tomato sauce.


My guess is that when you buy your tins of baked beans, you don’t have a lot of choice, Your local market probably stocks a store brand, and two, maybe three other brands. Perhaps they sell another brand deep within the “ethnic” food section.

With beer, it’s different. If you’re lucky enough, you might find three or four porters to choose from. And if (for some godawful reason)you really like American Lager, over a dozen. The label needs to attract the curiosity of customers, before it can play with their tastebuds.

Marketing is pretty important with a beer, Yeah, it sucks if you just like to make good beer. But if a beer doesn’t sell, it doesn’t get made. It doesn’t need to attract a mass following. But it does need to attract a loyal following. And if those loyalists are by and large sexist pigs, so be it. As long as it keeps you in business.

awesomesauce…like I said, I am a monster. clearly.

Now that I think about it I’ve always heard it in reference to fast cars. “It’s got a little sumpin’ sumpin’ where it counts” Probably why I chalked it up to the high gravity of the beer.

Urban Dictionary tells a much different tale. :neutral_face:

I am also West Coast BTW.


Let’s please try and keep this discussion to the topic at hand, and not about the people expressing their opinions. Thank you.


That doesn’t sound so bad. My exposure to it has been with guys old enough to be my father trying to get me in bed with them.

“Maybe we could do something after. A little something. A little something something” [wink, lean, leer as I get the hell out of there]


Yup! Ask any 20 women what the term means to them, and wherever in the country they’re from they’ll have some version of your story, not anything to do with cars or having a boy toy on the side.


So, the water is muddy on the name of this particular beer.

Opinions on sexual drink names? Taking my other example of “Sex on the Beach”?

Is it just tasteless, or do all sexual references in drink names have sexist underpinnings?