Brewers Association to "crack down" on sexist beer ads and labels

Don’t most gearheads, deep down, want to sleep with their cars?

Jus’ sayin’.

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I recall seeing a site of that nature posted on back in the day. No NSFW images or anything, simply a how-to guide. No idea if it was a practical joke, or if the guy was really that twisted, but it made for some absolutely hilarious conversation on the forum I was on at the time.

I don’t even think “Sex on the Beach” is tasteless. It always makes me think of that scene in (I think) From Here to Eternity – sexy, but also very romantic. Whether the drink in question lives up to the name is a different discussion :grinning: but I’ve certainly had enough of them, especially when I was a student.

It’s been mentioned above, but sexual and sexist are not the same thing. “Sex on the Beach” is sexual, but both the speaker and the listener are free to imagine how exactly the sex on the beach is happening. Sexist would be more like “F*cking a Slut on the Beach”, which is less fun-sounding any way you come at it.


It has been mentioned, but from what I’ve seen in this thread it seems to mostly have been a distinction made by men.

Myself, I’m a straight cis white guy, and that colors my perspective–as evidenced by the divide in the common usage of “sumpin’ sumpin’”. So I dunno, there could very well be some perspective I’m missing here. So my question is asked in good faith what the opinions are of the women in this thread.


Yeah, it’s difficult, because pointing out this or that is sexist gives the impression one does not like sex. The reality is sex is fine, but the sexism is a huge turn-off. Certain kinksters exempted, nobody likes being treated like a masturbation toy.


It seems that the big corporate breweries are getting the message at least in the context of breasts in advertising.:

"Chibe of Anheuser-Busch promises no more citrus-squeezing topless models. “We’re not going to rely on stereotypes and things that may have played well with a male-centric audience years ago,” he responds. “That old imagery is too limited in its appeal and is not reflective of today’s society and today’s consumer.”

Benj Steinman, editor of the trade Beer Marketer’s Insights, says such softcore campaigns have bitten the dust, by and large. “Traditionally, top-tier brewers focus—too much, I would say—on the male 21-27 demographic,” he says. Today, brewers are more interested in cultivating women beer drinkers, he points out. “It’s called evolution.”"

It’s interesting that in the case of ‘Raging Bitch’ from Flying Dog, the CEO AND his female employees were onboard with the name.

“I asked all the women in our brewery about possible names and included Raging Bitch, and they said we love it and in fact if you don’t do it after all the talk about staying true to ourselves, we’ll be forever disappointed in you,” Caruso said.

Flying Dog released Raging Bitch, and not only did it start “selling like crazy,” it struck a chord with many female beer drinkers, Caruso said.

“Women could not get enough of the merchandise and they were getting together for happy hours calling them ‘bitch sessions’ and wearing the Raging Bitch T-shirts,” he said."

They honestly thought they were ‘evolving’ a brand that would appeal to women. I’m betting that their branding changes in future batches. But, then again, have you been to Maryland?

Then again, ladies shirts with various slogans with the word “Bitch” seem to be decent sellers.

Maybe some shade of taking the word back? Or maybe older generations acclimatized to chauvinism as the norm?


Sure. There’s owning it:

And then there’s being slapped with it.

It’s the difference between “I’m gay” and “that’s so gay”.


Thank you, I do like it here :blush:


Do you live on the planet Earth? Then the answer is “most likely.”

This. What’s so hard to understand about it?


So I guess I’m late to the “party,” as usual.

I’d ask “what’d I miss?” but it’s a BB post with the word “sexism” in the title, so I already have a pretty good idea:

Same as it ever was.


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You’re welcome! The brewery my husband works for is on the list :slight_smile:


How many employees do you know who aren’t onboard with what their CEO pitches? :wink:


I’m obviously not in the demographic.

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Me neither.

But I think there are some stark differences between this:

And this

Even though I would not reach for either one when I am feeling thirsty.


Nor am I, fwiw.


Ask questions; listen carefully when they answer, and then rephrase what they’ve said back to them as a question to make sure you understood correctly.

(So what you’re telling me is… ____, do I have that right?)

Then after that, offer your own perspectives, and let them ask you questions to clarify your own point of view.


The idea that the beer’s name or label promoted sexual-violence was “very hurtful,” said Midnight Sun co-founder Barb Miller, telling KTUU that most of the brewery’s beers are named by women. “Our graphic artist and I spent a lot of time designing the label art because we wanted to portray playfulness and strength, especially with the Panty Peeler art. The woman is strong and adventurous; she is in charge and in control of her actions.”

quoted in some “reason” piece which you can probably find on your own if you want to enter into that particular echo chamber.

Imma leave a slab of this here.
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