Brexit and Brexit Accessories

“Tired and emotional”?


Well it is after lunch.

I think he needs a few days off the job “Boris Johnson is unwell” they can say


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Is this what it looks like when you finally acknowledge the cogntive dissonance?

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In Might as Well Face It, You’re Addicted to Fudge, Dr. Awkward is rapidly gaining weight due to her addiction to Albumen’s home-made fudge. Unfortunately, Albumen has been illegally selling his confectionery on the Magdalen Bridge (in British imperial units), and all the fudge has been confiscated by the police as evidence. Albumen is very defensive of the old imperial measures and calls himself a “metric martyr”. Meanwhile, the secret council is in need of an offshore island to control, and Cuba seems to be a good option. Adonis disguises himself as Cuban exile Señor Guacamole and visits the somewhat dimwitted US president George W. Shrub, in order to make him believe he has to invade Cuba. He succeeds, and visits UK prime minister Tony Caring while he is at it, also persuading him he has to declare war on Cuba, but also to leave the European Union and reinstate the old British imperial measures. Meanwhile, Hannah has broken into the police station and eaten the 17 kilos worth of fudge they had confiscated as evidence. Both she and Albumen are arrested by Constable Haywain. However, the council has found out that Cuba is no longer an option, because it will be hit by a tidal wave. Adonis returns to America and persuades president Shrub (“Call me Dubya!”) by means of a special cigar to reconsider declaring war. He explains to the council that, now that Britain has left the European Union, it will be available as their own exploitable offshore island. Albumen receives a pardon from the prime minister in a foolscap envelope, on quarto parchment, handwritten with ink made from soot and cold tea.

Release date: July 28, 2002

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