Night of the Long Boris: several UK cabinet members fired, finance chief quits

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I miss the chaos with Ed Miliband.

[explanatory note: this was the slogan used by Cameron’s Tory Party during the 2015 General Election in which they - successfully - scared a chunk of the electorate with the prospect of a Labour/SNP coalition government. Unfortunately, it worked a bit too well, and Cameron won a majority. Which led directly to the EU referendum and the last four years of chaos instead.]


You Britts picked a real booger there.


There’s less loyalty among right-wing populists than there is among thieves. The moment they beat their enemies they turn on each-other.


Dominic Cummings is a real interesting character. I saw the HBO “Brexit” drama about him (good movie), which led me to his blog, which is totally worth reading if you’re interested in what these guys are planning. I would describe him as being quite smart, and oscillating between being more lucid and clear-eyed than you’d expect from a political operative, and being totally deranged.


He’s rather of a piece with yours, isn’t he?

A bit posher, I suppose.


Johnson is a whole lot smarter than Trump. Trump tries to pretend to be smarter than he is, and have better hair than he does. Johnson tries to pretend to be much stupider than he is, and deliberately makes his hair look worse, and they almost meet in the middle.


The staggering egoism and surrounding himself with sycophants part is dead-on, though.


Looking at this article, I see Cummings’ hand in this more than Johnson’s.


Standard wannabe tyrant behavior 101. Having “won” something he can claim is total vindication, he disposes of anyone who still seems to have an iota of conscience and replaces them with utterly shameless lickspittles. My only question is, is Johnson imitating Trump or is Trump imitating Johnson?


The on-going neoliberalizing of the UK. Privatization is coming and it’s going to cost a lot, including increasing cost in health care and transportation, the increasing loss of pensions and labor rights, and the “de-regulating” of consumer protections; all so a few can get wealthier at the expense of the many. This is financial extraction by psychopaths.


Or maybe read this:


Not sure. Cummings wanted several depts abolished or merged and a much more radical set of changes, it is widely alleged by journos who have ‘sources’. In fact, if Javid had not decided he did have a minuscule principle about his own staff, it would have been a very much “so what” reshuffle. But Cummings did have it in for Javid, and had sacked Javid’s personal advisor last year, which pissed Javid off mightily, but he kept shtum in public so as to not burn too many bridges. Seems they burned anyway.

ETA @anon62122146, having caught up with the details via the early evening TV news, yes - this Chancellor stuff has Cummings’s hands all over it. The rest of the reshuffle perhaps less so, but it is the Treasury that matters. Cummings now has control of both by being able to appoint special advisors that owe their allegiance to him and Johnson, not independently to a Chancellor.


That hadn’t been written yet when I read the blog.

Well, I trust you’ll be reporting back as to whether the Guardian’s interpretation matches your own selfless research. :wink:
Having read the Guardian piece I’m not sure I could face reading Cummings ‘au naturel’ without wanting to go to London, find him, and wreak extreme violence on him. I often do (want to), anyway.

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I will, but I have to admit, I didn’t read his whole blog, like that reporter did.

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You are forgiven. Nobody should have to do that!


This might be the most creepy application of mouth eyes yet

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Concerning what is going on in the US, Britain and, fuck, the rest of the world: