Brexit and Brexit Accessories


Aren’t they all going to work in cyber now anyway?

Tories: love culture war, hate culture.


Even though culture is a big earner for the British economy, which is something the Tories are supposed to care about.


There’s not many things the Tories claim to care about, that in reality they actually do care about…


That’s dangerous, not least because this authoritarian assault is so comprehensive that once settled as law, it will prove very tricky to unpick. Like many leaders who seek to transcend the constraints of democracy, Mr. Johnson may not foresee a future where he isn’t the one calling the shots. But the miserable shadow his power grab will cast over Britain is likely to last far longer than the tenure of the would-be “world king” himself.

His place in the history books, however, is secured. He will forever be the libertine whose pursuit of personal freedom and “control” saw his countrymen robbed of theirs.


The NY Times being right on the ball there when anyone who has paid a modicum of attention has known who he really is for decades.


Remember that the agenda is set and the subject framed by liars who don’t care about what they claim to care about.

Brexit was rejected by the people of Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland protocol is popular with the people of NI. Industry likes it. Farmers like it. It did not change the constitution of NI without the people’s agreement: Brexit did that. It helps to minimise the disruption of NI’s constitutional status being changed against the will of the people. It does not make a sea “border”, it creates a free trade zone. This is common practice in many countries seeking to expand industry (China for example has done it).


It does not make a sea “border”, it creates a free trade zone.

Shhhh… :shushing_face: If the rest of the UK figures that out then Westminster is going to be reduced to the Vatican-style state of “Little Sussex on Thames” when the rest of the country demands the same sort of prosperity.