Brexit: UK Tories propose changing thousands of laws in secret, without Parliamentary oversight


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Thus with growing handing over of state functions to the private sector, the government operating with the support of a far right theocratic party, and the sidelining of Parliament, do we find out that “Brexit” has provided the means for a fascist takeover (in the literal, original sense).


But, but… Will of the People!


It’s not so much that they’ll be doing it in secret. It’ll be quite blatant.

Just without any of that pesky parliamentary scrutiny or approval.

Which, given that ‘parliamentary sovereignty’ was the big figleaf being used to cover up the rampant xenophobia, is both ironic and not at all surprising.


Whosoever for any cause seeketh to take or give
Power above or beyond the laws - suffer it not to live!
Holy priesthood, holy king, holy People’s Will
Have no truck with the senseless thing - order the guns and kill!
(Kipling no less).


If I were a crazed conspiracy theorist, I might think that this was the whole point of the exercise.

As I’m not a crazed conspiracy theorist, but merely a cynic, my actual belief is that while rewriting huge chunks of law with no oversight or debate may not have been the whole point of the exercise, a good number of interested parties have probably woken up to what’s happening and are now busy thinking very hard about how they can exploit this opportunity. I’m sure that those responsible for (re)drafting the legislation can look forward to some special “consultations” from industry experts in the near future, to help “guide” their decision-making.


Tell that to the Daily Mail…


Let’s not get started on Dacre, my supply of venom is used up for the day.

Edit - OTOH Trinity Mirror may be buying the Express, so as TM is pretty centrist that could be one fascist organ less.


Have you ever watched “Yes, Minister”?

It’ll tell you all you need to know about how government works (in the UK at least).


They won’t want to listen to industry experts because any one of them with the slightest clue wants to stay in the EU (Dyson is a special case - I’ve had his reasons for wanting to leave the EU explained to me, but they’re a bit libellous.)


Apparently he is doing pretty well.


My British politics teacher in high school urged us all to watch “Yes, Minister”. He said it was the best guide to the civil service available.


You should add The Thick of It to the list too.


I still can’t believe anyone thinks Brexit is a good idea.


Agreed overall, with the caveat that some were most definitely aware of this aspect of Brexit during its formulation.


Brexit: UK Tories propose changing thousands of laws in secret, without Parliamentary oversight

Are those whacky Brits trying to pull a TGOP on there citizens? Looks like it!


I feel like “Yes, Minister” should currently be rerun on at least one of the major channels at all times at the moment.


Brexit won’t be a pony farm? Goshdarnit, who could have known.


Oh, Britain, Britain…



Well, you guys missed out in the 1930ies, so here’s your chance.
With any luck, you might get good motorways out of it.