Brexit leaders detail UK transition plan for leaving European Union

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I’m intrigued by their innovative leverage of synergies.



I’ve never seen anything so detailed in my life. I’ll take two, please.


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Is this for real? His is satire, right?

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Yeah, not real. But almost believable.

  1. Steal the underpants?

hahah that was great!
This brexit matter has made me a huge fan fan of the first minster of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon’s twitter
while the Tories re enact Julius Caesar with sadly less real blood, shes roaring around executing plan alpha bravo hoping all over the Eu getting it done!!!
i think she watched game of thrones and was like "hmmmmmm queen of the north yes i like the sound of that"
This clip still makes me laugh, the look on Faisal’s face is priceless…
the plan


I dunno about this. The details still seem a bit… dodgy.


Is this the same web host Paul Ryan is using for the Republican Healthcare plan?

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“You cannot hope to bribe or twist
(thank God) the British Journalist
But seeing what the man can do
unbribed, there’s no occasion to.”

Well, Johnson and Gove have certainly made their mark on the British economy, and both are journalists. In no way is that Telegraph’s £250000 a year for lightweight articles a bribe, but as the verse says, they don’t need bribing.
Given the way Johnson was ducking and diving on his visit to the West Country, the website could actually be quite an accurate description of the Plan.


Lovely bit of coded xenophobia right there: “everyone who was born here”


that’s a parody account isn’t it? I wasn’t sure at first but thought it would be quite surprising for a mainstream tory to say that - particularly as she is cementing her power grab by putting out an olive branch to the sane by saying they are not leaving the ECHR.

Parodia Errores is her location on the Twitter account and I looked at other tweets and they are quite funny. Trolling JK Rowling and retweeting a fake William Hague (who has to be less sinister than the real one!)

I know. I read a few of the posts, and I really couldn’t tell.

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UKIP’s Brexit plan is robust and impressive once you are able to view it.

I wish I knew how to quit EU.


I couldn’t tell from @daneel’s extract but surely it is fraudulent misrepresentation - it is deliberately intended to cause confusion.
I’m relieved - I thought May was head and shoulders above a truly terrible bunch of chancers and wonks, and I think her strategy is to let the Leavers run negotiations until they gradually sink into the sand as they find it isn’t going to work, then come along and say “well, you’ve had your fun kiddies but we have a country to run.” She stood up to the Police Federation, after all.

[edit - I have sent the link to her parliamentary office. I may be a far left pinko, but standards in British politics have descended so low -partly due to Twitter and farcebook - that things need to be called out whenever they come to one’s attention.]

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Funny how things work. An hour or so ago I was able to read an article here -

which never made it into the print publication, doubtless due to some honest error somewhere. Now, possibly as a result of another blunder, it 404s at that link; happily, it’s still available here. No fan of Guido, but politics makes strange bedfellows.

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Personally I regard Guido as a right wing extremist hiding from English law behind his Irish base. I suspect the Telegraph article was libellous. Guido will rake any muck on people insufficiently right wing for his tastes. He reminds me a bit of the Irish government that sent Hitler congratulations on his birthday. In 1944.

My own view FWIW is that (a) May has more sense than to try to achieve impossible immigration targets and (b) border security in an island with thousands of miles of coast is extremely difficult, and the cost of actually achieving it wouldn’t be worth it. Once upon a time you required real skill to navigate the waters around Britain, which did to a degree provide security. Nowadays any idiot can buy a cheap RIB with radar and GPS and they’re in business.