Brexit wins: Britain votes to exit the European Union

I’d also throw in that the Owens Valley has water.

For limited definitions of “has”.

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That was the plan all along since well before the UK joined in the first place and after joining the UK consented to every step along the way. I know that parts of the UK establishment used that talking point - partly to assure an electorate that didn’t want to know better and partly to lobby for hijacking the EU into a direction that was more to their liking. However the people could have known better. It was their civic duty to know better.

Fuck everyone who swallowed that bullshit.


Except that all we’ve heard about is immigrants for the past week.


I’d like to see Scottish independence down to the M25, if possible.


The south side of the M25? :smile:

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There is something to be said for age, and I don’t get the age bashing and all. As if older adults don’t care about their children and their children’s children. And there is value in the older voter having “seen it all before.” The young with their combination of naivete and energy seem to be perpetual fodder for political exploitation. But unless one is over a certain age, one wouldn’t have observed this in action- over and over again.

The ideal is that the young keep things fresh, and the old keep the young from throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

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I’d like to see London, South Lakeland, Mendip, Bristol and BANES part of New Scotland. If Gibraltar is part of the UK, I don’t see why that should be a problem (we all voted in, after all.)
Ruth Davidson or Nicola Sturgeon? Either is better than any of the Westminster lot.

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How do you know he was deranged, and not a terrorist or paramilitary making a politically-motivated assassination?


It’s silly, but I refer to them as that now just because it IS fascinating/skurry.

I understand your point, and it’s hard to disagree that in some way age brings wisdom, but in this case it seems like we would be calling “not being in the EU” a “baby” and “unrepentant racism” the bathwater, which is also not being thrown out.


The general voting tendencies don’t provide a great argument for this. Age is wonderful but is not necessarily followed with wisdom.


I guess that depends on your news sources. I’ve been hearing a lot about economics and politics, but I realize that each news vector focuses on different aspects of the same news.

Based upon the fact that we have managed to cunningly construct an utterly idiotic scenario though blind adherence to small-minded, spiteful myth-making, and then collectively do the meanest, most stupid thing possible?


Sounds like only people between the ages of 25 and 40 should be allowed to vote.

I’d go for that. Everyone older goes to Sanctuary!


Hey, Leicester voted remain too, just. I think I should be entitled to ScotLond citizenship because of that.


Brexitster. / brexitster / noun. 1. A person that humblebrags about having left the United Kingdom (UK) before the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU).


If this is as much of a generational warfare thing as people are making it out to be, perhaps this was actually a future documentary of England:

I’m not sure how to read this.

Either they’re pulling an American, which is probably dumb but individual, or

They’re pulling an American, which is certainly dumb, uneducated, and anti-world-one-humanity…

Eh, I’m going with they’re pulling an American, which is certainly something…

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