Britain has voted to exit the EU

Every major network has called the referendum. Brexit will succeed.

Markets are down worldwide. The British Pound is at a 31 year low compared to the US Dollar. FTSE looks like it’ll open upwards of 8% down. At last half a trillion dollars has been wiped out. The Euro is approaching parity with the dollar.

The London markets haven’t even opened yet.


Sources? I’m still seeing another 15% waiting to be tallied.

That being said, I can’t disagree with the conclusions, I just want links to read.

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EU referendum: BBC forecasts UK vote to leave


Well. Shit.

So… what happens next?


No one knows. There is a two year gap until they actually leave. Some people are hoping that they’ll get a new negotiation with the EU.

The Bank of England is going to try to do something to stabilize the currency when the market opens, but that is going to keep the markets from going downhill. This is going to ripple throughout the world.

The UK breaks up, other countries leave the EU, WW3?

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Well, let’s face it–Intra-European wars have been the rule, not the exception, for as long as there’s been a Europe. The last 70 years are a historical aberration.

After the EU referendum result: What happens now?

As a less-knowledgeable American, I ask: will the United Kingdom split over this? Is it likely Scotland, Ireland and/or Wales might vote to stay in the EU, fracturing the union?


Wales voted to leave and is more closely meshed with England than the others.

A second Scottish referendum seems likely to me, and NI is in a difficult situation now, given that it will have to reestablish a full border with Ireland.

So, yes, possibly?


Agreed. All those who didn’t want the breakup of the uk are going to get it.

Maybe the UK can join the Eurasian Union.

Scotland leaves-- joins the EU

The Six and the Twenty Siz become “The Thirty Two”

Gibraltar goes to Spain.

Putin offers the Uk the opportunity to join the Eurasian Union.

As much as I think Brexit was a bad idea…
That headline is epic.

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