Claim of "dramatic deterioration" in UK economy since Brexit vote

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Bullshit. The british voter needs no experts.


And numbers have a well-known liberal bias.


why FFabian, you have improved your pixel-art portrait.

The Brexiteers will, of course, be denying the numbers in that reality-bending way that works only sporadically, if at all. Their next move might be to put it down to uncertainty about whether we’re actually leaving or not, though that would require them admitting that it’s still not a path we’re irrevocably committed to, which could unravel their support both with the public and in Parliament.

Perhaps their best bet is to try and spin it as uncertainty as to timing, that once we do pull the trigger on Article 50, everyone will know what’s what and we’ll be able to plan properly. Then they can blame the economy after that on not doing the A50 negotiations expeditiously. Also on not building a pirate fleet to plunder the Spanish German gold.


And yet, despite having had the economy ‘destroyed’ back in 2009, it recovered quite nicely just one year later.

Keep Calm… You know the drill.

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But we haven’t even left yet! That graph is going to get steeper on Clause 50 day. And unlike 2009, the cause going to stay. Unless, that is, someone in charge decides that we don’t actually have to go just because a small majority says so. I suspect the hope of that is keeping us from the worst right now.

I reckon it is time to stock up my survivalist shed at the bottom of the garden with Earl Grey Tea, tinned biscuits, the complete set of O’Brian novels, and some good board games. We could be in for a bumpy ride.


I heard that for some, the economy did not recover. They lost everything, and now live in very, very small accommodations and work very hard each day.

Or they’re homeless.



Here’s a sterling analysis that conceivable explains part of what’s happening and what could yet be in store. The dismantling of London’s financial services market is not out of the question.

Actions have consequences, sometimes unintended ones.

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The British Pound vs US Dollar has remained in the doldrums at around $1.30 ever since the vote.


Will the UK end up like Venezuela?
Will Boris be the next Maduro?

Stay tuned.

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Had to show the new older me … with even less hair left :grin:

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Only for the 0.1%. Everyone else had to continue to suffer.


Which is why some of us want to leave the United Kingdom before Clause 50. Of course, we have hypocritical brexit voters horrified by the breakup of their union.

Maybe this time we can be part of the Shengen area?

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Boing Boing reads like The Daily Beast these days. You guys get bought out by Vox Media or something?

Buyer’s remorse is strong in this one. I’m reminded of the first episode of black mirror whereby the PM is increasingly under pressure to just get on with it and fuck that pig. The public look on amused, clearly loving this humiliation… slowly turning to disgust and outright horror when reality sets in. You wanted this!


Very good point.

You sound disappointed


Putting most of your expenses on a credit card can help you pay the rent…

…for now.

I wonder what happens when you just leave interest rates at zero indefinitely?

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