Brexit's other shoe drops: austerity, deregulation, climate nihilism

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This’ll show those foreigners!


in summary:

disaster capitalism operates by delivering massive shocks to the system and then using the ensuing period of anarchy, fear and confusion to reassemble the pieces of what it has broken into a new configuration … The losses may be enormous … the prize is the opportunity to rework an almost infinite range of detailed arrangements (and) redraw at breakneck speed the legal framework that will govern all aspects of our lives …

the unfolding crisis will provide countless pretexts for similar emergency measure that benefit business and roll back the state … the most massive legislative programme in history within the current parliament, in which the Tories command an absolute majority …

what is really needed is a government of national unity. Failing that, we need an opposition of national unity, composed of all those who do not want to give Tory rightwingers a free hand.

SNP + Labour? - has about as much chance as an unbattered Mars bar in the fryer


“If you break it, you own it” is an adage in the United States (propagated by a country-wide pottery retail chain).

The Guardian was a bit lax in their fact-checking.


How hard must the backroom dealing and…whats the nice word for threatening people in that context?
How frenzied that must be right now to keep the rest of the UK from splitting off.
And how horrified Scotland and Ireland must be right now.


As much as I regret the outcome of the referendum, is the argument that

  1. Tories should never have have trusted the plebs to decide the future of the country by majority
  2. Or that the plebs ought not have voted for the Tories, who promised said pleb-iscite in election manifest
  3. Or GAAAH TORIES four legs good


Oh, come on! Are you saying that if Brexit (Britain + stay = Bray?) hadn’t won the vote, the Tories wouldn’t have introduced austerity, deregulation, etc?

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sure, you’re not incorrect. but “regulatory burdens […] related to climate directives and investment fund[s]” are governed by the EU framework and if the Tories are crazy enough they can axe those easier down outside of the Union.


And that’s why I objected when people wanted to make this all about racism and islamophobia. Even if you allow for the American tendecy to use “racism” rather broadly to include just about any kind of xenophobia, that was only ever part of it. Yes, that is why many voted the way they did, but it does explain adequately why the referendum happened in the first place.

It was always also about the rejection of European values. it was about taking away rights from British people by taking the EU out of the picture - or, failing that, all Europeans via blackmail. If you look at the things the EU actually prevents in the UK, then you start to suspect that turning back the clock may not result in a return to the theme park version of the past that many Leavers had in mind.

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Soon none will want to come to UK.

Mission accomplished!


(Ok, now in the more appropriate thread)

Interesting indeed, if real.

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