Brian Laundrie, guy who returned without fiancee Gabrielle Petito from #vanlife trip, has gone "missing"

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I live in SW FL. There are morons gathered outside his house with nonsense posters and at least one goof with a megaphone. Yes his response (or lack of one) is inky.


(in the US) law enforcement set up this situation themselves and they are to blame when no one wants to talk to them anymore. don’t listen to their sniveling.

don’t talk to police.



Eh, not quite I guess


I can’t properly narrate how these cases of missing children invade my nightmares. I hold out hope that she may return to her family safe.


innocent or guilty

  1. I absolutely hope she’s found. There could be nothing worse than a child going missing and not having a resolution.

  2. Sure, we all probably think he’s guilty.

  3. Not talking to the cops is not guilt. Refusing to talk to them with a lawyer present is definitely the real shade in this situation, along with flat out disappearing.


I live 50 miles from a city in which more than 500 women and girls have gone missing or been murdered in the last 3 years. I feel this deserves some media attention.


Given they were (supposedly) heading for Grand Teton, I couldn’t help think of the Zone of Death jurisdictional problem that may mean a felony committed in the Idaho part of Yellowstone NP, which has no residents, cannot ever be successfully prosecuted.


Police should be investigating this closely, but keep in mind what a cesspool-for-hits social media influencers are.


Based on his lack of hitchhiking skills, and his incapacity to remain silent about his activities and whereabouts, I will bet he is located sooner than he hopes.

I’m torn. Yeah, as James Duane suggests, “don’t talk to police”. Perfectly sensible advice. As the last person to see Petito alive, he’s the primary suspect, with all the legal risks that entails even if he had nothing to with whatever happened afterwards.

On the other hand, she is missing, and even if they had a big fight, and they never wanted to see each other again, his information could be invaluable in locating her, and it shows a callous disregard to not offer up that info.

He will not help find her. He will get what’s coming to him.

What does that mean? Let’s say he did murder her, but he’s good, like insanely good, at covering up everything. What’s coming to him if he’s the only person who knows? A life time of regret or psychological torment? I’m pretty sure doing the act already qualifies you as not having a standard emotional response profile.

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Let’s hope this all works out and both are found alive and well.
For any and all here still thinking he should talk (or should have talked) to the police, I highly encourage a listen of this true story:
Part 1

Part 2

I’m not insinuating that anything like this happened with the van life couple, but it shows you how inept, incompetent and in some ways truly evil our fucking police forces are, and hopefully will help you understand why so many here and on the other thread are saying, don’t talk to the police.
Spoiler: the guys girlfriend was kidnapped for some revenge thing, held captive, drugged and repeatedly raped. When she was first taken, he called the police to try to help her. They immediately decided he was suss, flat out ignored vital evidence over and over, during the time she was being held and raped. If they’d done their jobs, she might have escaped that specific violation. ACAB.


Looks like they found her.


Fair warning- that story is a really really, tough listen. The story is extremely compelling, but massive nightmare fuel, especially for survivors of sexual assault.


Good point. I’ll try to be better about including warnings about that stuff in the future.
And agreed, it’s a really hard listen.


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