Bodies of Swiss couple who disappeared 75 years ago found on glacier

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Were the cows on the glacier? Was the glacier between their house and the cows? Something is missing here…


Exactly what I came to ask… Also, in the article, one of the children said that it was the first time her mother had gone on such a dangerous journey and that she was pregnant… Must have needed that milk pretty bad…


Wow, it’s awesome when a relationship lasts that long. I’m inspired.


Malevolent cows causing a couple’s demise? I feel a Far Side reference is in order


The head, throw away…



I read in another article that they left mid August 1942. It’s still common to bring your cows up to the alps for the whole summer because of the fresh grass.
They probably fell into a crevasse somewhere on the way, maybe they had to make a little detour for whatever reason or had to climb over a slope from the north side.
Those crevasses can be deep, very cold and impossible to spot.
Having ice and snow up there is not unusual.


Seven strangers reunited and closure achieved. I’d say a silver lining has appeared as a result of the discovery.


I wonder why the Brisbane Times reports this. Oh, well, on Monday the Swiss tabloids reported about some Swiss guy who went missing a couple of years ago and was recently found dead in Tasmania (I think). News reciprocity?


So… if they’ve been frozen and missing for 75 years, does eating them still count as cannibalism?

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In an overnight statement, Valais cantonal police said two bodies bearing identity papers had been discovered last week by a worker on Tsanfleuron glacier near a ski lift above Les Diablerets resort at an altitude of 2615 metres.

I’ve got to wonder what their death or discovery have to do with law enforcement. Color me skeptical.

Slow news day? But then again is it ever a fast news day in Brisbane?

Two bodies turn up, and you wonder why the police are interested? Seriously? Or is this some kind of weird attempt at humor?



I wonder what the bottle in the foreground is for? I would think with seven kids, you’d want more milk than that.
Or maybe it was just a throwaway that joined them on the glacier ride…

I know, it’s not as if people usually just die, without any outside help. /s What percentage of dead people are murdered, like 0.001% or less? Surely a coroner could examine bodies first, and contact police only if there seems to be a legal problem. Not letting police autonomously expand their duties is one way that citizens keep a tight leash on them.

If they had seven kids, it was probably the brandy they were enjoying once they were able to get away for a while…


Don’t be daft. If you dig a hole in your backyard and pull up a human femur, you need to alert the authorities, unless you’re the creep who put it there in the first place. And if I’ve learned anything from watching police procedurals, it’s the police that call the coroner, not the other way around.


Erm. This is Switzerland you are talking about, right?
Things need to be in order there. Someone who vanished has, quite surely, a file. Thus, the police is involved. Also, if unidentified dead people turn up, they need to be identified. Thus, the police is involved. If identified dead people turn up, and it is unclear what was the cause of that, the police is involved. If dead people turn up on another person’s or public land, the police is involved. And I don’t think I have now exhausted all possibilities why the police would be involved… ^^

Edit, on an afterthought:
Also, "thight least on the police* would sound very, very strange to a Swiss person. The police is employed by the people, and usually the public calls for them to be involved.