Brian William trolls viewers with Jerry Maguire clip

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Chill out, Brian. Maybe if you’d helped hold anyone accountable over the past 4 years, your team wouldn’t have to resort to satire to save our asses.


Williams tends to inject one or two zingers per newscast. When I saw this one last night I almost bust a gut.
And hey Cannibal, I can only recall Williams roasting the previous administration mercilessly for four solid years.
I suspect that one reason that the Lincoln Project gets so much attention is coz’ Williams loves to premiere their videos, and Steve Schmidt is a regular visitor being given a wide open platform.
I haven’t forgotten this guys propensity for disingenuous self aggrandizement. Not at all. I will say however that as a nightly newscaster, I doubt he could’ve done more short of running for office.
Be well ol’ Cannibal,


Do you have any specific examples in mind of how Brian Williams abdicated his responsibilities as a newscaster over the last four years?

It’s not like the horrors of the Trump administration and its enablers weren’t being reported. It’s just that Trump’s supporters didn’t give a fuck.


I’ll admit I’m using him as a proxy for the ways that the media has failed us in general, which isn’t fair. Even still, I’ll never forget him calling trump “presidential” and rapturously abusing Leonard Cohen lyrics because he bombed Syria. The scale of trump’s depravity was universally known and the gravity of not calling him out at every turn should have been obvious to someone in his position. Instead he and nearly everyone else was just dying to solidify his place on their Great Men of History list.

Yeah, it’s not totally fair to Brian, but I’m not really feeling too conciliatory these days. Especially to members of the Fourth Estate who are supposed to be our frontline watchdogs.


Those dogs were barking for four straight years, friend. That’s why Trump attacked the press every chance he got.


Williams hasn’t held Trump accountable? Do you watch MSNBC? That’s all they do (except for late night weekends when its oddly Dateline and Lockup).

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