Britain's new pylons look like scales of justice


Apropos doom-laden 70’s-style SF, I’ve just finished ‘End of the World Running Club’ by Adrian J Walker, which has echoes of all that good shit in it. Anyone who likes grim, British apocalypses will love it.

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This renders obsolete all those weird British science fiction TV shows from the 70s and 80s,

Wasn’t there a Doctor Who episode where someone managed to make the things come to life and attack? Can’t seem to find any info on it, so I may be confusing it with another show, but it seems like a very DW-type idea.

Orgy-Porgy, Praise the Ford! Now we can worship at the “T” model cross.

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They missed a chance here. Could have had these instead:


I was just about to post those…

Are you confusing this with The Tripods?

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There was an advert as well that could easily be mistaken.

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I could swear I remember seeing something that was almost just like that, but with a lot more screaming and death.

It’s possible I’m thinking of an audiobook episode, though: Ring of Steel

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How exactly do “scales of justice” differ from, you know, “scales”?

Appearance similar to scales of justice, actual purpose the transmission of power, reason for adoption maximum cost effectiveness.

Sounds like we have an entire political metaphor going here…


By the amount of justice?

I’m wondering why they no longer need all the trusswork. Does the wind no longer blow o’er England’s pleasant pastures green? Or are they made of Unobtanium?

the article says they’re shorter than the old ones, so they need less support, and i suspect that + some computer assisted modeling for the new stringing techniques, better equipment, more consistent metals and concrete, and… alien technology.

Looks like they put in an order for a bunch of IUDs but got the scale on the 3D file wrong.

Nice design, I remember seeing some of those years ago, they are made of wood !

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The lattice pylons reduce manufacturing cost at the expense of increasing deployment cost. My guess is that you could have made something similar to the new ‘T’ pylons in the 30s but they would have been very expensive to manufacture. I guess the new design reflects the fact that manufacturing items like these is now a lot cheaper when compared to labour than it used to be.

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You must construct additional Pylons!

Spawn More Overlords.

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If those are scales of justice, I seem to be interpreting those biggish insulators at the vertices as… gibbets.

What would you use as a structural connector between justice and power?

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