British Airways' "Happiness Blanket" sensor detects the totally obvious

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Well, economy fliers do get a similar blanket, but it constricts around the body of each happy passenger, squeezing out their individual joy into a communal trough, which is then emptied into the first class cabin.


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Jesus, that looks like a heavy sleeping bag for a plane… I’d be boiling… particularly if already outfitted in PJs and slippers… Also, that is one hell of a hoagie (2.4L, packed! and 663 grams)!

I recommend a sleep sack (sleeping bag liner). Smaller, lighter, not as hot, but still a personal cocoon (248 grams, actually the size of a half a hoagie).

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How do you manage to take a hot water bottle onboard? It seems to be increasingly difficult to take anything onboard. They won’t even let me store my toothbrush with my toothpaste because “it’s not liquid and the transparent plastic bag is for liquids only”.

The most important item of my plane survival kit is ear plugs. Even when I cannot sleep, just reducing ambient noise makes a huge difference on how well-rested I am.

I bring it aboard empty and ask them to fill it!

I’d be more of a fan of a “Strangulation Pillow” that allows the upper-income individual a pleasant sleep until full REM, then cuts off the airway with a steady constrictive pressure.

When I read the title I figured that the blanket sensed when somebody “pitched a tent”… (hence the totally obvious)

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