Hammock-headrest, with blinders, for aviation

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Sadly, it does nothing to help when your seatmate’s corpulence or odors spill out into your space


uh, how does this attach? by covering the screen of the person behind you???

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Ooo, another way to make flying even more dignified…

I heartily recommend this. I used one every time I flew, up until the airline fired me.

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Hey BB check out this here Martin Shkreli lookin motherfucker getting his nap on.


Well, I would use it.

I thought the same thing. That’s not an endorsement anyone is looking for.

Is that Martin Shkreli?

I just don one of these sumo suits and head-gear before boarding… Pop in the noise-cancelling ear-buds, and nothing can disturb me during the flight.


Still waiting for my likes to come back. (I’m gonna owe so many likes! :worried:)

I’ve logged many hours seated next to some amateur with a gadget meant to make the flight more comfortable. They invariably just frustrate themselves.

2 oz 80 proof alcohol
10mg ambien
comfortable socks
comfortable underwear

That’s it. That’s all you need.

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Wait a minute…that looks like a paper towel dispenser with some padding added on. Call the patent lawyers!

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