British chancellor shows off commemorative Brexit 50p coin

Those might be worth something someday. Hopefully the same will be said of the UK after this fiasco comes to an eventual conclusion.

And before you say anything, yes, I think the same thing about the US, the GOP, and the Trump administration mixed with our fine collection of racists. Except our coins are even more stupid.

It’s like we and the country that spawned us are two sides of… something…

Money well – and truly – spent, I’m sure.

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‘remainer plot’ is a bit emotive, but yes, I’ve seen a suggestion to donate Brexit 50p coins to “charities designed to stop hate and racism”.

There are 10 million #Brexit50p coins being minted.
If we all did the same we could raise £5 million to combat the rising hate & racism #Brexit has unleashed.

In that case, keeping them in limited circulation (public>charity>bank>public>charity>…) could be a good thing, without being too much of an empty gesture.


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