Post-Brexit, white-power handbills blanket a north London street

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surprised this hasn’t happened in the US yet, honestly.


They feel like it’s okay now. It’s acceptable. Considering nobody had torn the thing down by the time the picture was taken, I guess they’re right?


Maybe those who would tear it down are afraid of getting beaten by those who put them up.


Er- am I the only one finding the irony that their mascot is half white/half brown?


tell me there’s a way to get this phone number on every single PPI autodialer that exists…


I’m sure there’s some kind of irony in the fact they choose a breed so inbred that it has chronic trouble breathing and can’t reproduce naturally


Faintly printed on the left of the leaflet - “Not for flyposting” which suggests that the designer and the poster are not the same person and that the poster is as thick as the sentiment on the leaflet would suggest.


Totally worth it to ensure none of those lower-class dogs mar the pride and polish of a supreme breed, right?

It’s also cute that the website at that URL is currently a mostly blank default template. The only thing keeping it from being a good metaphor for “white power” is that the template’s colors are mostly grey and black…


A colleague attended a local community forum, one of the agenda items was handing in hate literature collected of lamp posts to a police officer. One of the racist diatribes had been written on the back of a benefits’ letter; the kind of thing that comes emblazoned with the claimant’s National Insurance Number. :smiley:


At first I thought it was a bottle of white wine.

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As unpredictable as the number of explosions in Michael Bay’s movies.

Which is why I’m so mad at “lexit” people: we knew this sort of thing would happen, you knew this sort of thing would happen, and still you actively made it happen.

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We need more Venture Bros. memes/gifs.


Agreed. Not that it will make anyone feel better about nazi assholes… but it can make us laugh in the short term, at least!


Well, now that you mention it…


good heavens. ok then!


Used to see this sort of sticker on my way to school in the 80s. Used to peel them off, too.

I don’t get being proud of your culture or your skin tone or anything that you were essentially born into. It’s not like it’s your accomplishment in the least bit. I can understand a culture being proud of it’s accomplishments (or it’s individual stars/memorable/notable members) because collectively maybe it’s possible to view them as a product/accomplishment. But being proud of your history? why you didn’t make that, you’re the product of it. Just feels like an odd reversal or like trying to claim credit for something you didn’t do.
None of which isn’t to say I don’t understand the need for people who have been oppressed because of their culture to speak up and celebrate their culture in the face of oppression, I just always felt like pride was a weird word choice. Then again growing up catholic where I was told “pride is a sin” one moment and then admonished to “take pride in my work” the next moment.

Either that, or it’s for plausible deniability.
“Oh no, Officer. That wasn’t us. It’s clearly a misguided supporter / those filthy communists trying to make us look bad.”