British immigration chief orders removal of cartoon character murals at asylum center for lone children. They are "too welcoming"

Originally published at: British immigration chief orders removal of cartoon character murals at asylum center for lone children. They are "too welcoming" | Boing Boing


I swear, every time I say, “God we Americans are total shits to immigrants. Not sure how we could be worse” someone in Britain says, “hold my beer.”

Though we’re still probably worse here.


Perhaps they’ll put some Daleks there


The Rwanda shit does keep them in the running though.


I was just listening to the latest ep of Stuff the British Stole and someone on there had a line something like, “the British want credit for being the first to outlaw chattel slavery, but don’t want to acknowledge that they did all that chattel slavery.” And I thought that was about perfect for Britain on atrocities and xenophobia. Dining out on “We’re not the Nazis (but please don’t read up on what the empire actually did)” since the end of WWII.


The British removed cartoons from their child asylum reception centers. Americans literally put migrant children in cages. Don’t worry, America is still “winning”.


As always with the Tories, the cruelty is the point. I have no doubt that Robert Jenrick tortured small animals when he was a child.


Well Britain is actively ignoring distress calls at sea but the Greek (that is the EU funded) service is actively “pushing back” migrant boats, occasionally leading to the deaths of, oops, hundreds of people.

So it is neither of you who is “winning” but rather us.


I’m just listening to these:

They are a bit “podcasty” for my taste but very interesting and about things I didn’t know such as the slavery company run by the crown based on the success of the East India company and some elements of the horrific economics and associated barely believable awfulness of the Caribbean. Such as how much more valuable it was to England than North America. And how Haiti (French slaving economy) was the biggest source of wealth for European imperialists at that time.

Which kind of reminded me of a part of this podcast about the film the Harder they Come ‎MUBI Podcast: THE HARDER THEY COME — Reggae catches fire on film on Apple Podcasts

Where Lloyd Bradley explains that when Britain allowed Jamaican independence it was because it was essentially a discarded husk. Sugar trade was gone. That’s what imperialism did everywhere really. All of us in the wealthy North need to remember that as we take in migrants from the next century’s rolling catastrophes that we created.


He’s just mad because the EU Court of Appeals won’t let him ship them to Rwanda, and that Brexit still doesn’t let them ignore the ECHR. They’re appealing further, though.


Gee, who could we draw there that might scare the children? How about Gym Jordan?


If Kent is looking for slightly used child cages that only a very people died in, please contact the US Border Patrol office.


Literal cartoon villains


Re: America vs UK vs Europe in general and who is worse about immigrants:

Where do you think America learned how to treat immigrants? And while America is still technically a melting pot, much of Europe wants to remain culturally homogeneous. The racism I’ve seen in Europe is so mask off it honestly shocks me sometimes. Just look at the comments about the recent riots in France.

Some people will never see some foreigners are “X”, even if they have lived in that country for multiple generations because they don’t look like they came from “X”.


That said, I don’t know if it is truly any worse or better than American racism - just that it is different.


It’s the European Court of Human Rights which is not an EU institution. The political right over here would like people to think the ECHR is another part of the European Union in order to trick voters into stripping themselves of their rights.


Gotta say. As a competition, this bites all to hell. And humanity is losing. :disappointed_relieved:


Robert Jenrick is probably stupid enough to think 12-year-old refugees are texting home to their buddies with messages like “hey, mate, get on a boat and come to the UK - it’s great, they have huge Tom & Jerry pictures painted on walls!”

This man is one of the more egregious fuckwits in the Tory govt (but they are all fuckwits).


I doubt he even considered whether this could actually affect numbers or popularity of immigration. Rather, it affects the immigrants themselves – they are unwanted people and this was designed to make them less miserable, therefore it is a bad thing in itself.

That’s really all there is to modern conservatism. Anything more is only an afterthought to make it seem less awful, and only when they think they need to.


Yeah - you’re right. Probably Jenrick is scared that footage of this will be seen by red-trousered, home counties Party members who will view it in much the same light as they view prison: “a holiday camp for criminals - they need to be punished MORE, not mollycoddled” - which is why the Tory govt has also overseen an increase in the prison population during their time in power, and reduced funding for prisons, and much worsened conditions.