Bro: a free/open intrusion detection system


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I can attest to its awesomeness. There are commercial products which are more bleeding edge or more domain specific, but bro is great.



I want to see the next iteration called Dude - kind of like all the macs named for big cats.


Absolutely not. We need a forked version of this that only changes the name.


I think Dude will also integrate several other features, along with those included in Bro.

It’ll be Dude Suite Bro.


“Bro network”

Well at least they didn’t name it “Old Boys”


Pairs well with Hella Jeff.


A quick reply to the “wincing inducing” comment. It was actually named Bro as a tongue-in-cheek reference to “Big Brother”. It’s meant as a reminder to the group of us developing Bro to be aware of the dual use nature of the tool. It enables defenders but it’s also a huge enabler for those with less noble goals.

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