Two Florida bros rescue a stranded hammerhead shark


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Be careful who you call for Animal rescue and car.

Like not these guys.


These guys might be able to help.


Or just BE a marine biologist


Unfair use of “bro.”

Bros don’t go out of their way to help, care, nurture and save.

Bros would drag the thing onto shore and torture it for 10 minutes before losing interest and leaving it to die a slow death.


At 1:38 there’s a voice in the background saying “hurry guys, hurry”.

This bossy little shithead must be a close relative of somebody I used to work with, who when faced with a difficult situation never helped out, but instead designated herself to an impromptu senior position from where she could utter continuous disapproval of other people’s efforts.


They are brothers, and gentlemen.


Isn’t that an unfair use of “gentlemen”?


Context clues! These guys were literal brothers, so “bros” need not be interpreted as a negative.

We still have “Dudebros” for that.


Sincerity is the new irony.




Bros have been making a name for themselves in Hollywood for over a century now.


Oh I don’t know, in the UK it’s quite common to refer to your best mates as cunts, whereas if somebody calls you “my friend”, it’s usually trouble.


I know a guy from the UK, his name is daneel, and I hear he’s quite fond of his bros.


You need to get better bros.


Water goes on the beach, you go on the beach, bro’s on the beach, our bro.



“Bros” is tainted. Maybe these guys were “brothers”; they were not “Bros.”


Isn’t the phrase “my friend” pretty much universal code for “I’m trying to swindle you by using unearned familiarity”?


Often it is. Often it’s plain threatening.
“Empty your pockets my friend”.


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