How exactly did the Film Bro meet his end?

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FilmBros: identifiable as those still narrating with “YouTube Voice” in 2022


I recently reflected on my recent favorite films with Adrienne Shelly’s “The Waitress” at the top of the list as well as Winter’s Bone and The Danish Girl and came to the conclusion that I’ve dodged the toxic masculinity bullet that runs strong both in my family as well as where I’m from: darkest, dumbest Florida.

BTW, if you haven’t seen The Waitress, do so with haste. You’re life will be manifestly better. Then read about what happened to Adrienne Shelly and reflect on what we were denied with her murder.


And mansplaining how an article written by a woman, which is also the basis of his video, is “not very good”.

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While I think I’m the furthest thing from a “Bro” as one can get, given all my… proclivities… I do think Goodfellas is amongst the best movies ever made.

SO, in that vein, and with complete earnestness in checking myself, and making sure I’m not a film bro… I’m curious what other suggestions are out there for greatest movies of all time. (Also, realizing this is a completely subjective list and me thinking Goodfellas is amongst the greatest of all time renders it only that in my mind)

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Given the full spectrum of human experience and presentation and how we interface with the world, do you really think that? You’re further from a “Bro” than any other of us that you can think of? :face_with_monocle: :grimacing:


It’s not a contest :stuck_out_tongue:
I was just saying I thought I would be as far from a bro given the things about me that I’m not doxing, but I like Goodfellas, and want to make sure I have the right read on myself. I’m not interested in playing word games here, just trying to find out if I have the wrong read of myself. Clearly I do.

Definitely not a contest, nor did I mean to turn it into a word game. You might be the furthest thing within your given, unchosen categories (white male, if I’m not mistaken,) I just think it’s helpful to keep in mind the broader context of human experience.

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… actually very sunny, and people will not only look at us funny but ask rude questions if we wear too much black :thinking:

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