Broadbeam LED headlamp


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Oh wow, that looks amazing for working on the car, crawling under the house, or any of the other places my headband mounted flashlight might get used but without that clunky bit of battery, lamp, and lens like the one I have


Needs RGB and party mode effects. :star_struck:


The issue I frequently have with headlamps on other people is that they tend to rake my eyeballs with their beams. I doubt this headband improves the situation.


Fakespot is giving the company a solid “F” grade, and that product a “D”.
“37.7% of the reviews are reliable.”


Please don’t wear these (kind of) lights when bicycling. You’ll be blinding all oncoming traffic.


@frauenfelder, have you tried this out yourself, or just ordered one?


Did somebody say RBG Party Mode?

Oh … RGB … carry on.


Just what you need for your 2001 David Bowman costume, even the party mode would make a nice lighttrip sequance.


" in other news today, Jesus was spotted on Monroe street last night riding a bicycle east towards town,"


That is seriously bad. I bought some earphones from Amazon which had a C fakespot rating in spite of the 1000+ reviews for a commodity product (I don’t know when Fakespot did the analysis). Amazon recently deleted every review and prohibited new reviews because of suspicious behavior.


I’m happy to report that this time the cost for Canadians is only double the deal US shoppers get.


I guess Canadians get Amazon Penultimate instead of Prime… :-/


Well played, you win the internet today.


I tip my head torch to you sir. :grinning:


Wi-Fi or no sale.



So i wasn’t the only one whose mind went to

Thank goodness.


Mostly I want my headlamp manufacturer to monitor my location so that they can then sell it to our new lizard overlords for some portion of my eternal soul.



Maybe useful for defeating facial recognition?


He jelly!