Inexpensive broadbeam LED headlamp

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“easy on-off touch sensor switch.”

That is fantastic!


Intriguing. On the one hand, it doesn’t look like you can really tilt it as needed; on the other hand, it also looks a lot more durable than some of the alternatives.

Maybe it could be paired with a visor that has a reflector on the underside of its brim?

I got one of these at the thrift store recently, was surprised to see it there (how long have these even been on the market?) so I couldn’t say no to $1, but I think it’s a bit much for camping trips, particularly if there are other people in the area – lot of these newer LED headlamps are painfully bright.

I’ve got a ball cap with two LEDs and a pressure switch built into the brim. Very bright - very handy.

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No thanks. I already have one.


The problem with these is that they are great if you want to be seen and light a wide area around one’s body. They flood a wide area with light, but that also is annoying to people around you. Using a headlamp is a weird game of learning how to retard social cues like looking at someone when they talk to you. This sort of says, “Meh, I’m like a camp lantern, adjust your eyes accordingly if you are around me.”


+1 to DeadWriter’s comment above: I got this headlamp last time Mark recommendo’d it, and while, yes, it’s delightfully bright, and reduces shadow interference (and attracts the attention of your fellow campers), since I find that most of the time I spend using a head lamp is to see what I’m eating around a campfire or relatively dark picnic table, it lacks the handy feature that many new headlamps have–of being able to point it downward, toward one’s plate, and out of the eyes of one’s companions. Great for way-finding in a dark wood! Less great for communal dining.


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