This 180 degree headlamp is a game changer for night hiking

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For the same amount of battery life you could have a headlamp with 90 degrees that is twice as bright. hrmmm.

As was pointed out earlier, it would be a nightmare to hike at night with a group of people wearing these things. You would be blinded if you looked at, or even near, someone.


So many things from the BB store are supposedly “game changers,” but here we are, still sitting on Free Parking.


Unless a headlight has a red night vision mode, it has no business being sold to nighttime hikers. Use it when you’re alone in the tent maybe, but definitely not outdoors on a trail.


I’m reminded of the Norfolk Whistler from Devices and Desires

Rocking climbing?

You may want to pay closer attention next time you run an ad. This is embarrassing.


Head mounted lights all suffer from flattening out shadows, making objects and depth harder to read. A handheld light illuminating from the side can reveal detail of a workpiece or machine in a marvelous way.

Go straight to the Home Page.
Do not collect $200.

Yeah, no. I bought this earlier this year on your recommendation and it’s not good. Too much of the light ends up in your own eyes, and it doesn’t illuminate nearly as far in front of you as a traditional headlamp.


I thought LEDs were supposed to run cooler than that.


Have you tried wearing sunglasses? (at night)

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