This LED headlamp looks silly, works great


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The problem with LED headlamps is you can’t focus them.


And in my experience it can improve visibility for cyclists at night. I think a lamp which is changing its direction to follow where you’re looking is intrinsically more noticeable than a headlamp which is fixed to the bars.


I use a smaller model with a red bulb for reading at bedtime. No blue light insomnia, and it doesn’t bother Mrs. Old when she’s trying to sleep.


“Sure, it looks silly!” Of course you wouldn’t look silly sitting in the dark where no one could see you.


I bought one of these and it’s crappy. The light is fine, but the elastic headband is rubbish. The elastic squeezes off both my head and my daughters head. It is uncomfortable and I hate it.


Have you tried taking turns to wear it?



No, this is a silly looking LED headlamp


We had one of these too. Really fragile. If you find yourself using a headlamp often, get one that can stand up to spelunking.


could be a wind-up

the touch


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