Inexpensive but good broad-beam LED headlamp

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They sold this about a year ago. It’s ok. I’m sure that they did not do any real field testing, as it is not that great for distances over 6ft. And the batteries work well if used for a few days, but forget about storage. I bought these on recommendation, trusting the site, but riding my bike in the dark in Montana was not fun. Caveat emtor.

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So it’s one of those things that drain batteries when turned off?

I have a really nice LED “trouble light” that I don’t use much because the batteries drain when unused. I’m not sure if it’s the tiny red blinking LED or some other circuit point. And the battery cover screws in, so effort is needed to put in and take out batteries.

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These are unkind to others near you,. The advantage of a headlamp that points in front of you is that, if you are conscious of where you point it, you are not always blinding others. It’s a little like sharing your music with others with a loud amplified speakers in the back country when others did’t ask for it.

These are good for solo walking around town, I think there are better ways to be seen, but I have seen solo walkers/joggers with them at night.


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